Wholesale Electronics distributor

Zicov Goods

Zicov Goods supplies B2B and B2C markets in UAE and internationally. We specialise in the wholesale of computer components, portable and personal electronics and home appliances. We provide a wide range of products from all major electronics brands.


Zicov Goods is a relatively new player in the market, however, our team consists of experienced professionals when it comes to the wholesale of various product categories. We strive to operate efficiently and timely while continuously improving our business. Being a part of rapidly growing free zone market, we aim to surpass competitors and scale our business with the time, responding to extensive market needs.


Zicov Goods is located in Dubai, UAE. Our prime location allows us to ship products fast and efficient worldwide, as many leading logistics companies are presented in the region. Working with local shipping providers on special deals is a part of our marketing strategy, in order to provide the best delivery solutions.