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Welcome to Zicov Goods!

Zicov Goods supplies B2B clients, e-commerce platforms and retail stores with products from many of the world’s leading electronics brands. 

Our team thoroughly follows each product quality standards and aims to build a long-term relationship with customers.

We are located in Dubai, UAE.

Our prime location allows for fast and easy delivery worldwide, supported by the leading logistics companies presented in a region.

Electronics wholesale for all of your needs.

Computers, monitors, speakers, hard disk software, LED, cameras, TVs, smartphones, drones etc. – we propose a wide range of electronics of all kinds.

We intend to make life easier for others.

We are fully dedicated to our clients and stand out in the market with competitive pricing, daily inventory updates, reliable, quality products and fast shipping.


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The products we provide range across different categories, but we specialise in the wholesale of computer components, consumer electronics and home appliances.

Whether you sell online or in person, Zicov Goods supplies products to meet your business needs. In addition to product, Zicov Goods provides services that give you a strategic advantage in your day-to-day operations.